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Suppliers of flexible hoses provide customers with a variety of these products, one of which is PVC hoses.
These products are one of the most widely used hoses in agriculture.
Farmers use suction pumps to transfer water from wells or other water sources.
These pumps are used for irrigation by connecting the hoses to the point.

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 Why should we use PVC hose?

In recent years, due to the reduction of water and drought resources, optimal use of water resources is a necessity.
Farmers need new ways to increase productivity at a low cost to produce their crops.
Due to their robustness and low cost, a PVC hose is a good option for transferring water to agricultural land.

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What is the specification of the flexible hose?

These hoses have a smooth inner surface, which allows frictionless and water-resistant water transfer.
The outer surface of the hose sees less damage to the crop due to its appearance.
Another feature of these hoses is their remarkable flexibility, which makes it easy to move in different directions.
Sunscreen is another characteristic of flexible hoses and since these hoses are exposed to direct sunlight, this product can be used for a relatively longer period.

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2-inch hose

The 2-inch hose is one of the most widely used hose sizes that is widely used in water pumps.
The pump outputs are of a certain size that requires a special hose to supply the required discharge.
Most pumps use two-inch hoses to supply this flow.

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Applications PVC hose

Suction hoses are used to transport air and provide quick and safe ways to exit these materials.
A drain hose can be used to transport air or water from a machine that needs repairs, or is used in irrigation applications, and to harvest hundreds or thousands of gallons of water.
The supply of suction hoses consists of different lengths and working capacities in different pressure and temperature ranges.

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Are you looking for industrial hoses or special hoses?

We have a wide range of hoses for different purposes.

Features and Features of Hose:

  • Easy movement on levels
  • For industrial and vacuum applications
  • Resistant to breakage and damage
  • Excellent bending characteristics
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Smooth inner surface for efficient airflow
  • Lightweight and easy handling

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Buy flexible Hose

The hose is made of PVC raw materials.
The better the quality of the raw material, the higher the quality of the hose produced, and the price of the product is estimated according to its quality level.

flexible hoses are manufactured from high-quality raw materials so that they can be strengthened during use.
Therefore, the purchase of these types of hoses should be careful with the type of raw material used in the hoses.
Hoses are manufactured in various sizes and can be selected and purchased according to consumption.

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